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globeHighlands Baptist Church understands we are called by Christ to take the gospel both to the uttermost parts of the earth and to the nearby areas of our own community.  Therefore, our mission emphases encompass both international and home mission efforts.  

Home Missions

Outreach is every believer’s responsibility. Our vision for home missions is to instruct and equip HBC members in the obedient pursuit of the Great Commission given by Jesus Christ to His disciples (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8). Our home missions effort centers on the public preaching and teaching of God’s revealed Word.  All are invited to come and find truth from God in a world overrun by error.  We supplement the preaching of God’s Word with various efforts to reach our nearby communities.  Such efforts consist of evangelistic services and evangelistically minded programs held at the church such as Vacation Bible School, Easter, and Christmas outreaches.  We believe the best way for HBC to obey the Great Commission at home is to have a church community that is praying for and developing redemptive relationships in our various walks of life.  Our biblical evangelism is God-centered (not man-centered), theologically-driven (not method-driven), and discipleship-orientated (not decision-orientated). 

International Missions

Home missions is only part of our responsibility as a church to obey the Great Commission.  We work in our church body to plant a keen awareness of the need for missions work in foreign countries. Missionaries all around the world are sent out and supported by HBC and partnering churches to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Missions giving is intentional and comprises a large part of HBC’s annual budget.  We deliberately keep the need of foreign missions in front of the assembly.  Missionaries regularly come to HBC to report, rest, share stories, and be spiritually recharged.  Short term missions trips are encouraged which allow our members to lend support to missionaries and test their own personal call to the mission field. The congregation of HBC is repeatedly reminded by a fresh awareness and burden for the need of the Gospel to go to the uttermost parts of the earth.