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Sermons in February 2014

The Doctrine of Christ: Part 1
Feb 26 | Shaun Walker | Mid-week Service
sermon notes
Evidence for a Biblical Worldview
Feb 23 | Steve Hafler | Sunday Mornings
Romans 1
The Son of God's Estimation of the Scripture
Feb 23 | Steve Hafler | Sunday Evenings
Luke 2
The Problem of Sin: Part 2
Feb 19 | Steve Hafler | Mid-week Service
Seeking a dynamic relationship with Christ
Feb 16 | Eric Allamon | Sunday Evenings
John 6
Worldview: Why It Matters
Feb 16 | Steve Hafler | Sunday Mornings
The Problem of Sin: Part 1
Feb 12 | Steve Hafler | Mid-week Service
Gospel, Grace, Identity
Feb 10 | Steve Hafler | Sunday Mornings
The Doctrine of Man: Part 2
Feb 05 | Shaun Walker | Mid-week Service
The Fall and Restoration of Peter
Feb 02 | Steve Hafler | Sunday Mornings
Mark 14:22-72