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Before You Take a Sip, Consider This

Posted September 24, 2012 by Steve Hafler

I’ve never seen a beer commercial featuring battered children, broken lives, fractured families, or teenage amputees. It’s all about beautiful people, fashion, party time, and success! Somehow that 12 ounce can of beer is presented as the secret to popularity and fulfillment. That dark bottle is marketed as ‘liquid awsomeness.’ The commercials haven’t changed much since I was a boy, and I’m assuming from the staggering statistics of alcoholism and alcohol influenced crime that it still sells. I was no stranger to Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, wine coolers, ice cold Corona, warm cases of Schaefer, and an impressive assortment of other alcoholic beverages. I know the thrill of sitting around a table with friends playing drinking games. I know the adrenalin of breaking into the liqueur cabinets of my friend’s parents for a free bottle... Read More

Simple Isn't Always Easy

Posted August 27, 2012 by Steve Hafler

How do you define ministry? Here is what many people do, they begin by describing the beautiful campus and structures their church has, or the buffet of programs and activities their church offers. They draw attention to their children’s programs that run with Pixar precision and Disney creativity, or they highlight the top 40 Christian musical groups that perform at their church. Ministry to them seems to be wholesome “entertainment” the entire family can enjoy. The reality of the church giving to God, serving Him, and making disciples who will make disciples is as foreign to them as the Antemanambondro people of Madagascar. The church has become a service provider for those attending. The attraction is understandable – there’s something for everyone every night of the week! One person recently told me, “I am so excited that my ch... Read More

We can not make a false dichotomy between our faith and our finances. We can not divorce our money from our mission. We can not separate our wealth from our walk with God. In a day when “money matters” almost more than anything else, it is sure to be an accurate gauge of the heart. I want to begin by quoting a familiar proverb, but one that is often used out of context (not purposely, but from ignorance). “Where there is no vision the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18). This is the part that gets quoted. The surrounding verses in Proverbs 29:15-18 reveal that parents either instruct their children or get shamed by them. The present reality of this can be confirmed by a mid-morning trip to Walmart! The shame of a child out of control is compared to the chaos of people (marriages, families, churches, countries, etc.) who have no revelation from God ... Read More

Music & Cutting the Word Straight

Posted January 09, 2012 by Steve Hafler

Dear Highlands, Music is one of God’s amazing creations. Music, like all other language, communicates content, context, and culture. Church music is no exception. The texts of Psalm 33:1-5; Ephesians 5:19; and Colossians 3:19 make clear that praise to God is not only acceptable but divinely mandated in the life of God’s children. As your pastor I realize there are vast differences that exist among believers at Highlands Baptist Church. I want to encourage those who have allowed their musical tastes and choices to be too broadly shaped by the fallen parts of culture to be willing to adjust their choices and discipline their tastes by biblical principles. I also want to encourage those in our congregation who may have had their musical tastes too narrowly shaped by either their background or hyper-traditionalism to be willing to adjust their tastes by the bi... Read More