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Only twice have I evangelized people where I hit the ground before the Coca Cola Company. The dark syrupy sweet carbonated drink is everywhere in the world infiltrating more places than the Gospel. It seems no land or people is too challenging to develop a strategy to market their product to. With the exceptions of a civil war in the northern frontier of southern Sudan and a forgotten people north of Diego Suarez in Madagascar, Coke has “been there and done that” before me every time. It wouldn’t be such a tragedy if we were talking about competing beverages, but we aren’t. We are talking about God’s Son and His glory. We are comparing soda with the only Person who can pardon sin and eternally quench thirsty sinners. Jesus is the Good News that is to be proclaimed to all people. But we haven’t taken this incredible message forward ... Read More

Near the end of his extraordinary life, William Carey was becoming a household name in England. Biographies were being turned out to an eager public. Even mementos of Carey’s life were prized as almost sacred objects. One day a friend of Carey’s was going on and on about the fame of the “Father of Modern Missions.” Carey interrupted him sharply saying, “When I am gone, speak no more of Mr. Carey. Speak of Mr. Carey’s Saviour.” Carey wasn’t the last missionary to become a celebrity, and his rejection of such misplaced attention, his “He must increase; I must decrease” attitude is refreshing. But the whole story underscores a dangerous tendency in ministry. When missions becomes man-centered, a deviation has occurred from its Christ-centered and Gospel-focused purpose. This deviation often stems from an outdate... Read More